The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

I saw your post and thought of the 12" I have of Air Liquide

:cool: i really love air liquide!
i have a lot from them, they are really one of my most favourite electronic music wizards ever.
i even had the pleasure to meet ingmar koch (aka dr. walker) by person several times. he is a verry warmhearted and creative noize-terrorist who loves big dogs and looks kinda dangerous with his ak47 tattoos he has, but he is totally nice and we had a lot of fun when we met him at the liquid sky berlin hq! :D
more of his electronic insanity -> here

edit: my favourite record/cd is Abuse Your Illusions, i guess.
[doublepost=1540946275,1540943881][/doublepost]some more timeless ambient/acid love