The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

Have not cached up with Yamaha for a while....

The sounds this guy (same from the previous video) can pull out of it are amazing (if you are a music enthousiast). This is the FIRST time I hear guitars with my eyes closed... it's getting really hard to recognize if it is real (unless it is a guitar solo... can't reproduce that yet).
Drums also finally cached up to Alesis '90 drum machine technology...
Piano sounds better than the good old Clavinova... but not better than the Arius.

For just the price of 7 Pyra's...
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guitar like sounds for sure but not convincing.. problem for keyboard players is that a chord on a guitar can have 6 notes and span over 2 octaves . plus the notes are not played at the same time. there is a delay between each string being hit even when strummed fast. i have yet to hear a keyboard player that can reproduce that..

How to learn new songs: :p

dewitted: [de-WIT-ed] verb (used with object) 1. To be robbed of one's wits after having a song request *slain* by pianist Lara De Wit
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someone posted a sound bite on another forum i read in the sci fi trivia thread... so i have spent the last hour listening to Jethro Tull and The Moody Blues.... answer was Eternity Road , Moody Blues... book was same name by Jack McDevitt
In early times, all we had was cassettes and they did not include inlay lyrics to keep costs low (and the audio and tape quality of such tapes, even from "reputable" labels, was far inferior to the ones distributed in Europe... but so much cheaper...)
So as a passtime, we transcribed our own. Now, Latins do not have the best English, so it is very common that intercalated "inglish" is transcribed wrongly (due to mis-pronunciation).... now, with my improved English I hope my corrections are accepted.
(link contains a play button to listen to the song. 80's Rock with a rap sauce)

The song is delightfully heavy on sarcasm. It contains a small homage to the Beasty Boys and is actually a Falco cover... but the lyrics are about how they are treated as a group/band.

Now, we don't save the soundtracks, distribute info, or watch our tours.
We tour in buses with no heat in very low temperatures.
We've gotten no checks since 98. We took damage yo.
We owe the cheese between our toes thanks to our expenditure.
Had to play with big chaos when they trap scavengers.
Sold my furniture to keep my economic stature.
Had to convince the chief that we had matured.
Now guess who was producing the who's who of all amateurs.