The Real Pandora Case/shell

CronoTriggerfan said:
Thanks for the correction, Either way, the overlying point was that just because it's a Play It Loud! doesn't mean it isn't an original GameBoy. And when you think about it, they were launched right at the peak of the GameBoy's prime.
Fair enough, but where do you draw the line? Why does colour keep it the same original? Why not shape, too? Is the GB pocket still an original gameboy? It plays exactly like the original brick, just smaller. What about extra features, like the GBC? Plays exactly the same, except the screen is in colour instead of grey. And so on...
Point being that you need to define where the original stops somewhere, and somehow. I think original means how it was at release. Any visible changes beyond that, it's no longer original. Someone else might argue any changes at all (even just swapping one brand of resistor for a different one) classifies it as different from the original. Someone else might say that only the very first production run was the original. And another person might say so long as it plays original Gameboy games, it's original, in which case the GBA is still original gameboy.
So where's your break? What point in time does the original separation occur for you and why?
If they come out with a Pandora White next year, I'm going to cradle my original Pandora and mock all the pretenders with their non-black, non-original handhelds. :p
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It';s classed as an original GB because it's in the same form factor as the original grey one. The Pocket GBs were a smaller form factor, and had a slightly different name. The fact they still played the same carts is irrelevant.

And you're insane if you think the GBC is the same.
Black's just right. Ideally, it'd be something like a TI89-titanium calculator. Mine fell out of my bag, from the motorbike onto the ground, sharp little rocks... not a single scratch, let alone the [that's how it feels.] brick being bricked.
waffles said:
i had baby mice, and i can confirm that while nasty looking, they were NOT clear.
Mice ≠ hamsters :rolleyes:

But what does this have to do with anything?

absolutely nothing. :lol:
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quasist said:
Little newborn hamsters have transparent skin so you can see their internal organs.
One fatal flaw in that statement: While true, the skin isn't transparent for the purpose of being able to see the internal organs.
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So we could make it transparent so you can see obvious defects (like a speaker cable being broken off)

that's the purpose for hamsters, right? right guys?
Hi and sorry, What will be the size of Pandora (width, height and deep)? in milimmeters if you can, please

Thank you in advance!