The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

Its got an GPS but as my Iphone that dos use the same SIM Card is used for Filming, i think i dont know if it works whitouth it.. ^^, also the Pyra is using a normal size Simcard and my Iphone an Nano Sim..

I dont know if this whole GPS and 4G Option allready got suport by Software..

Prepaid SIM cards exist, and I think it's almost impossible to get a prepaid SIM card that doesn't include data.
And are cheapish/last at least 60+ days according to this totally reputable fandom wiki link xD

Just filming yourself trying out a activated prepaid SIM card in your Pyra and finding out live would be a fantastic video.
I never made experiemences whit the 4G /GPS Part of my Pyra because i never had the Need too,
I need an 4G/GPS Device for a few Tasks:
- Music Player - > The Pyra, as an Linux Device cant play DRM Music, so no Apple Music..
- Camera -> Would only work whit an Camera Dongle, so not that usefull on the go
- SMS, Whatsapp -> Might work on Pyra..

Also until this day, you dont have this "Allways One" Feature on Pyra that lets you be connect all time, you can leave the Pyra booted, but it would need to get recharged every 6 hours maybe..

My IPhone is from 2018, allthough 6 Years old, its runs fine, got quite some Batterie live, and its much smaller ..

I had marked all points on the Pyra Options Catalogue because i had back then one of the CC Pandorae, i think only 256 mb Ram, so i though it might worth to have the Pyra full featured..

I was not expecting that now that much more Pyra are out there, its still at my part to make Video..
So the GPS uses the cellular line instead of communicate directly with satellite ?
So the GPS uses the cellular line instead of communicate directly with satellite ?
No, I think it communicates with satellites directly (listens, more than communicates), but I think the device for that is in the same chip as the cellullar communicatiosn device.
It might be that without SIM the whole chip is off, I don't know.
Besides, some programs use detection of cellullar towers and history or internet databases or something to fine tune or accelerate the position fix from GPS sattelites. I think.
If GPS requires SIM it would be a pity, it would be more useful if it works without SIM. But I don't know.
Im still lacking an Video about the 2 Jedi Knight Game, so i think i try on Sunday to get Jedi Academy to run..
My Plan whit the Lets Play Farming Simulator 22 (Unimog Mod Edition) did not work out as im not that Communicative, .. i would not know what to say..
I don't know if it's present in the Pyra repo, but in a forum people speaks about a "gpsd" tool to get coordinates from a GPS device, there's also a bash script to receive them from command line.

gpsd is in normal Debian repos.

amd643.22-4.1+b1362.4 kB1,360.0 kB [list of files]
arm643.22-4.1+b1348.6 kB1,497.0 kB [list of files]
armel3.22-4.1+b1340.6 kB1,489.0 kB [list of files]
armhf3.22-4.1+b1330.1 kB1,169.0 kB [list of files]
i3863.22-4.1+b1374.6 kB1,447.0 kB [list of files]
mips64el3.22-4.1+b1355.5 kB1,787.0 kB [list of files]
mipsel3.22-4.1+b1361.9 kB1,650.0 kB [list of files]
ppc64el3.22-4.1+b1375.8 kB1,753.0 kB [list of files]
Not sure the Pyra needs anything different (drivers, optimizations or anything). I'd assume you just apt install it.
I can remember, some stuff dosnt work that good out of the repo: Back then i was planing to show a bit , i think Rackarack Using on Pyra, so Guitar Amp which was working whit the Jack Server, but i ditnt got it to run back then sadly..