A late night 1006:

Also, despite not containing the requisite number, I came across this awesome image:

It's a composite image of SN1006 - a supernova that occurred in 1006AD. The whitish/yellow bits are visible artefacts, while blue is superheated gas detected in the x-ray and red is excited electrons detected by a radio telescope.
Seriously, though, is it just me, or does that license plate look like it was added afterwards?
It's definitely photoshopped. I can tell from looking at the pixels and seeing a few shops in my time.
But seriously, it is. If you zoom in on the plate you can see how grainy the rest of the image is compared to the plate, and can even see round "smudges" at the edges indicative of a paint tool.
Oh yeah, it's a classic photochop. It wasn't that obvious when I was working on grabbing it at reduced sizes, but I did see that it was a 'chop after posting it. I hadn't appreciated that being a problem, based on about half of the pictures on that page containing mixed computer generated and photographic source pictures, but either way it's good that it was sorted out promptly!
I wasn't completely serious about it not being good enough, but I wanted to have another chance for a nerdy picture. Even though I didn't zoom in it seemed off immediately. I thought I may have been wrong since sometimes reflective stuff can show up ultra clear in otherwise iffy pics, and some license plates are reflective. I couldn't think of another way of having a really clear black, since it is the opposite of reflective.

Thanks for helping with whatever connections weren't completed in my head.
Unicorn or nyan cat, it must have been long and painfull for the unfortunate animal judging by the remaining marks.


One thing for sure, the driver must have been in Angers.

Ah, so maybe it was a unicorn, and it went under the...things wheels(?). It was probably eating lunch on the tracks.

Are we already up to 1017?