Super Cheap 8gb Sd Card ($15). Legit?

I bought an 8gb sdhc card from ebay for 15euro's (23$) and never had any problems with it.
I've bought a few different cards from ebay, micro-sd, SD for my gp2x, for my camera,...
and they always worked well as advertised by the seller.
For me it was worth the risk, cause i didn't want to pay 100$ back then.
These days i'd buy it in a shop cause the prices have really become cheaper over the last few months.
It's not eBay, but still...

A friend of mine bought a super-cheap 2GB USB stick on a stall in Korat (that's Nakhon Ratchasima) in Thailand. A day further on their tour he tries it out, but can't get the stick to be recognized. Upon opening the case, it turns out it's just a plastic shell with a USB plug superglued to one end.

I tried to find that stall when I was in Korat, just to congratulate the seller on the best prank ever (my friend was out only something like a hundred Baht, not enough to stay mad, but just enough to learn the lesson). I never found him; probably returned through the Reality Crack to his home universe...
NickLoTurco said: is also a good place, they're all branded and boxed. They always have a sale on too, also good customer service....
Yeah, but they're not that cheap. Cheapest brand-new 16Gb SD starts at £50, where I can get a brand-new 16Gb SD at for £29.99 (admittedly all prices are before postage etc. but still...). That's a significant difference.

Branded I could care less about though, I've never been one for brands. And boxes just add to my weekly rubbish throw-out. Customer service is worth paying for though.
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I would not trust it lol. The PSP's memory market is having problems with fakes. the only way to tell is if MagicGate is enabled on the card on the PSP. but by then it is too late, you have already bought one.
ledow said:
Cheapest brand-new 16Gb SD starts at £50, where I can get a brand-new 16Gb SD at for £29.99 (admittedly all prices are before postage etc. but still...)
Got a link for that £29.99 card?
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I'd just like to echo some of the other people here who suggest you avoid ebay for memory cards. I've had problems with both SD and CF cards on ebay. Even though a majority of my worldly possessions are from ebay, memory cards is one situation where I stick to Amazon (or some other online store with a better price).
A year or two ago I was lucky enough to find two cheap Chinese eBay sellers who I had bought multiple cards from, and all still work perfectly. I guess it's luck of the draw. You increase your odds by avoiding the "no name" brands, I stuck with Transcend and Adata.