Compatible Sd Card Or Incompatible?


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Mar 23, 2007
I am looking to buy this sd card:

I checked this sd card compatability chart located here. This manufactuer is not listed though. Furthermore, "GP2X does not support the new SDHC format SD cards, which is what most 4Gb or larger (8gb, 32Gb, etc) cards are" How can I tell when the card uses SDHC?

And also, "Do not let this list fool you. Most SD cards (those greater than 1GB) require an SD card reader. Using your GP2X as an SD card reader via the USB link to a PC will not work. By compatible this list means works with a GP2X when the GP2X reads and writes to a pre-formatted card, which requires an SD card reader to set up and fill with data from your PC. You may also have to continue using your SD card reader to write data to the SD card from your PC, and not through your GP2X USB->PC connection." The wiki post does not mention how one can know if your card will need a sd card reader. Is there a way to know. And what does it take to "pre-format a card?

Finally, does anyone know of a SD card that they would recommend because it works with the gp2x alone, is cheap, and is in the 2gb-4gb range?
that card is going to break the day you own it. sorry, but there's too much flaky memory out there. i can recommend the ridata 4gb that evildragon sells (if you get it somewhere else make sure to get the one with the silver label, not the yellow one).

as far as the card reader, a decent reader will serve you well. they are very cheap and will save you from having to power on the gp2x on every time you want to send a file. plus you are going to need to format it from time to time, and doing that on batteries isn't a good idea.

buy cheap, buy twice :D

edit: i guess ED has switched brands. hopefully it wasn't because anyone had a problem with those? anyway just be careful...someone at work just bought a cheapo that was DOA. has a Crucial 2gig for $12...

i know its half your desired capacity, but its a trusted brand.
Hahaha, I ordered that card a few days back, I'll let you know how it works when it gets here.

I've used Connect3D stuff before and they seem fine.
I ordered a Connect3d card a week or so ago, I'll let you know when I get it.

Supposably Connect3d is a division of ATI Graphics, so they should do OK. I think that 4 gig may be a bit slow, but whatever, it was 30 bucks.
I got my card a couple days ago, works perfectly with the GP2X. Just format it first, the format it ships with does not support long file names which screws up a lot of games on the GP2X.