Heck yeah! Still got the box sitting on my shelf. :lol:

This somehow related to the Pandora, or just making conversation? (either way is fine, just out of place if it's in Pandora General Talk and has nothing to do with Pandora ;) )
Haha yeah of course, I was thinking maybe someone would have it running on pandora and show us.
You might be interested in Qemu, then.

It's not released to the public yet (it's being done for the Rebirth Competition and thereafter) but it seems to run many games where DOSBox is too slow. Maybe make a request there to see if they'll try it out? I'd definitely be interested to see how this game fares. I never finished it once, though I was never very good at these games (I became a PC gamer a bit too late to get into these).
thanks, i cant imgine dosbox being too slow thoug i used to run this on a 33mhz system back in the day. By the way is you want to sell that original copy let me know.