What's the official song of the Open Pandora?

Removed....Pandora don't have to do nothing about this
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Carry on . I'd post the vid but not sure how to do that from an iPad

Anyone know how ?
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... I meant that song as in, "free to do what I want, any old time"...

meaning "free" like 'open source' free.

not as in "free" of any cost.

with Pandora you are free to do what you want, like play MAME or do some coding, any old time, like on the train or walking up the road...

like Binky said :)

maybe this should been mentioned in one of those English lesson threads that are trending here just now...
Now THERE'S another good one, Klumpen!!

Excellent stuff, Uriah Heep!!  To hell with modern "music" Gimme that old-time rock and roll!!

And "Traveler In Time" is appropos to the Pandy, since basically, it is FOR retro-gaming.
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