New Ed Wideo

Cool. Nice video. It is always interesting to see where they build our pandas.
Be totally honest here. How many times have you ran into that glass door?
omgomgomg I've been there once :)
Nice little office :)

There is a lot of stuff but everything seem to be sorted nicely. The gaming arcade in the middle of the office is really cool.

It kind of give us a idea of everything you are dealing with, which is cool. You're doing all the work yourself if I am not mistaken. Plus your order job at 50% right?

Thanks for taking the time to make the video :)
If he refuses to publish the poster image we should force him to make a video saying each of these sentances...

I always remember a half pissed mate of mine's importal phrase...

"Ah you bring me Wodka"

on a serious note English is a great language for getting round Europe but the mainland Europeans don't half put us (in the UK) to shame with their language skills, 2 or more spoken languages is often common