Star wars!


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Mar 3, 2003
well of course you do...

but i want to know if you remember the star wars vector graphics game, and what console it was on...I am desperate to play this game!
Well, I've still got my copy for the "Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +2" - not sure if there were other systems it was out for, but that was certainly one of them!
woot, will try locate it for the speccy emu, and no one complain about illegal roms! i am sure it has not had any copies made for decades
Star Wars AND Emulation? In the same thread? I've died and gone to heaven.

The Arcade Version was ported to Atari 2600, the 5200, the ColecoVision, Atari 400, and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, as well as the Commodore 64, the Atari ST, and the Amiga.

The Emulator Strikes Back, a page hosted by EchoStation, has a complete list of Star Wars games ported to different systems. (

Cant remember a spectrum version-but there was Starstrike 3D by realtime software which was a major ripoff of the starwars arcade game.
Commodore 64 version of Star Wars vector game is working very well under FrodoGP. Dont know about other version but when Mame GP will come, we will play the original arcade version... Use the Force, Luke ;))
ahem i found a copy in a file on a website offering roms and stuff for old computers, plus they sell the game..might be worth looking for it in proper, but i wanna play on gp32:D