Star Castle On Mame4All On Gp2X Wiz


Still Fresh
Dec 26, 2010
Florida, USA
Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has managed to get the vector graphics game Star Castle to work on their Wiz?  It loads up, but displays a blank screen.  The controls work and I hear it making sounds.  
I have tinkered with all of the setting with no change.
Any help would be great, as I loved to play this game back in the day.

Excellent!  That worked!  
That is something that I would have never tried...    :D
Also, if you set the VideoSync to VSync or Dblbuf the mame menu disappears when you choose 'return to game' and you can start playing, otherwise you have to fly through the remainder of the mame menu for it to redraw.
You should give it a shot on the Wiz.. It is a pretty fun game.  Also, I found a remake for Windows & Intel Mac's (OS X) here:, along with some other vector style games.
Thank you for the tip!