Special Edition Pandoras from Ithic.com & EvilDragon Now $529


Jan 27, 2009
So I got in on the 2011 preorder very early and was considering doing a special edition Pandora for 2-3 units. This post is to see if there is any interest to receive some of the first German made Pandoras off the assembly line late next week if everything goes as currently planned.

Here's what I'm offering, one of the Pandora 1.25 with 512MB RAM and REV 6D boards. The Pandora will be autographed by EvilDragon (and myself if you want me to sign, but he's the real rockstar that made this happen) on the sticker that's under the battery on the case.

I will also offer an unpopulated board, REV 6D, prototype, 1 out of 20 made here in Germany, again autographed by ED, something great to frame. I have 4 that ED was kind enough to give me as a birthday present and sure they would look great framed on a wall, but I really don't need 4 BOARDS. I'm sure there are some collectors out there who might want one of these as well.

These units would be shipped prior to the US shipment which is going to be pretty large by the preorder que. I am trying to stay in Germany an extra week to help with final assembly, calibration at Global Components, but am likely going to be missing this by a day or two. Expedia.Robber wants $3000 for me to buy a one way ticket back February 29th. Not going to happen, I was fine paying a $250 fee to change my ticket, but $3000? WTF

Basically, all US late 2011/early 2012 preorders will take a few weeks to assemble/test and ship to me in Vermont, I will then be shipping individual orders to US customers. Reason for this is Global Components can produce about 250 units per week, and the first week may be a little slower. The plan is to ship a large bulk shipment to me in Vermont to save customers on shipping costs. This bulk order will take 4 days to arrive in Vermont. I will then be shipping preorders out as quickly as possible, but shipping costs will be cut in half (at least) compared to DHL or UPS from Germany direct. FYI, I've had a DHL airmail shipment take 8 weeks to arrive in the US, it cost me 40 EURO (almost $60) and that was the basic uninsured service with no tracking.

I will also throw in a hand made, embroidered Pandora logo softcase made of neoprene. Great for a cargo pocket or backpack, maybe not the prettiest thing in existence, but I sew them myself and use upholstery thread.

PM me if you are interested with a silent bid. No need to make you bid public here.

This is an effort for me to recoup some travel expenses that were incurred travelling to the EU and to get a rare German made PCB prototype into a few hands. Months of planning went into this trip and my shop has been at a standstill since 2011 when production stopped, waiting on preorders from 2010 when production started at CircuitCo. I'm leaving those preorders stand with Craig's shop, and most likely won't have them for 2-3 months.

Silent auction ends Feb. 20, 2012, case shown below is not complete, its just the embroidery, sides will be sewn, and sealed with a button.

So what do you think?



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Thank you for the update for US customers, even though that was not what you intended. How will the auction bids be tracked?
Trying to figure out whether I'm leaving or not today next week or the week after, it would be best if I could just bring these units back with me. More details to follow. Basically, make me an offer via PM if you are interested, starting bid $575.

EDIT: So things were a failure today with Expedia.com, but I have found another flight option, so ideally I might be flying back to the US on the 29th or March 1st with a few Pandoras. More to follow tomorrow.
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So just a little update here:

I will be bringing back a few Pandoras with me.

If you want the blank PCB autographed by EvilDragon, $528 ($1.00 shipping, Google Checkout won't leave me leave it Zero) for the autographed Pandora, and autographed PCB blank. (The blank PCB can be left blank if you don't want it autographed by ED)

Price include shipping within the US. International orders are welcome, but you're going to pay more for shipping.

There are only going to be 3 blank Pandora, German made PCBs available.

Payment can be made via PayPal or Google Checkout.

Available for purchase now @ http:/www.ithic.com

Includes blank PCB autographed by EvilDragon and sticker under battery autographed by EvilDragon as well, shipping March 2nd, arriving in the US March 1st.
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