Simple Games You Play In Short Breaks...


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Dec 15, 2003
hm, the topic sounds may sound silly, but thats really my question.

as i'm playing often in short breaks, like on a train/bus/station, i'd like to know more "fun games".

i play:

-micro machines (ljohn)
-pinball - revenge of the gator (fgb32)
-mario/sonic (every version, ljohn and fsms32 because of savestates)
-civilization (osnes9x)'s not really a fun game, but you can always play a few rounds....
-r-type (gpengine)
-giana sisters (frodo)...thanks for the trainer, you can skip to the level you was last time...
-boulder dash (ljohn)

and i'm looking for a good chess game. the sms/nes versions take too long to think and the version made for the gp32 hasn't a good ai...
I end up playing a whole load of virtical shooters like Galiaxia and Space Invaders, all the Mario/Sonics, and the fast Beat 'em ups like TMT3 for the Nes and Maximum Carnige for the Genesis. ;)

EDIT: Try Chessmaster for the SNES if your looking for a chess game. It seems to think fairly fast.
gianas return (homebrew)
mario bros (ljohn)
super mario bros (ljohn) (the other 2 are pretty time consuming and not as fun as number 1)
danny sullivans indy heat (ljohn) < an amazingly fun game. kinda like rc pro am
paperboy (ljohn)
wrecking crew (ljohn)
gpsweeper (homebrew) < best time waster ever
balljacks (fgen)
flicky (fgen)
zero wing (fgen) < i just discovered this game. its amazing
super volleyball (fgen) < easy but fun

and those are my favourite time wasters (no order)
ahh, thats what i meant: paperboy. i completly forgot that game. i played it for hours, years ago. just have to try it again!

there are so many fun games (time wasters is a much better expression :p) i played in my 8bit days, that i really have forgotten.....

edit: and of course, i play gianas return, just forgotten to name....

edit2: just read a zero wing review..and yes, it looks great, but the problem with games for emulators that doesn't support savestates (yet), is that you have to play the first level over and over again. i just can't remeber how often i played the green hill zone (sonic) on my old genesis.....
Warios Woods (nes) is my personal time wasting fav, but its a very close second to Devils Crush for gpengine (best pinball game ever). Sidearms fo gpengine is also great. Shining Force 2, and puyo puyo 2 for game gear is also great, any zelda for gbc too (I know these take a lotta time to beat, but thats what savestates are for right). Homebrew is great for these situations too (drunken frogger, electron, and numo for me) since their usually short games.
Civilization - Short breaks?

Anyway, my favourites to pick up and play at the moment are:

Speedball 2
Stunt Car Racer
Super Mario World
Better Dead Than Alien
Mr Do
Donkey Kong

0-bake posted on May 25 2004 at 09:21 PM said:
i just can't remeber how often i played the green hill zone (sonic) on my old genesis.....
And this is the one and only reason why it can be worthwhile to cheat...

Sonic one has a lovely level select code in it that should be pretty darn useful :)
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I know this may sound a bit odd, but I enjoy playing the Megaman Games (particularily 1-6 for the NES) in medium sized doses.

Beat a boss and take a break (but don't stop playing during the level, you must be consistent!). I'm on Megaman 6 right now and the first boss that was defeated for me was Tomahawk, and he was ridiculously hard.

By the way, this is my first post- so hey!
I agree Falldown is the best short break game ever, I even play it when having a 'short break' on the toilet!!! ;)
Mark posted on May 25 2004 at 09:42 PM said:
bringoutthegimp posted on May 25 2004 at 09:09 PM said:
zero wing (fgen) < i just discovered this game. its amazing
Everyone needs to try it, even if only for the Japenglish.
wow thanks for this.. didnt realise it worked in fgen, cos it doesnt in gigadrive (yet)

top top game
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