Which games do you REALLY play?


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Dec 1, 2003
Yeah, we all know the great capabilities of our beloved GP32 and the available emulators.

Now my question: Which games do you all really play on GP32? And I don't mean "Which games do you have on your GP32?".

I myself am currently playing Final Match Tennis on GPEngine (PC-Engine emulator). This game is nearly a perfect tennis simulation, very great playability (and I mean GREAT playability).

I guess I will be playing throug SuperMarioLand on the GamyBoy-Emulator fgb32. Very nice with the ability to save the current state :) (although some years ago I managed to finish this game in 15 minutes in my gameboy...).

With Castaway (AtariST-Emulator) I started to play DungeonMaster. I don't know if I will really try to play the whole game, must see how comfortable it is playable on GP32.

I also started MonkeyIsland 1 and 2, guess these games will be a longtime favorite and that I will walk though them in many short sessions. Very funny games, LucasArts and ScummVM rule! :p

Doom is a nice "showcase", but I guess I won't really play it.

And: sadly SNES-Games like SuperMarioWorld arenÄt really playable, if they were, I would play SMW and of course SuperMarioKart.

So which games do you really play on GP32?
Currently i am playing


Cool Spot
Donkey Kong Country

PC Engine

R Type


GP Games
Pinball Dreams
Dungeon + Guarder

I would love some PC engine suggestions so please pass them on.
Ok, here's what I really play:

Quick blast: Pinball Dreams/PCEngine shoot em up (they're all good)

Spare hour or so: mario 3 on littlejohn

Non-arcade style game: Fate of Atlantis - Once I have completed I'll move onto another scummvm game
DOOM(yes i do actually play it)
Pinball Dreams
and a bunch of nes games, especially marble madness, pirates and prince of persia
also gpcinema(not really a game but i watch cartoons n stuff)
Mario's Picross
Was playing oracle of seasons until my saved file got erased :angry:
Megaman Xtreme 2
Tetris Attack
Magical Drop
Occasionally play SMB3
Super Mario World
Super Smash TV
Final Fantasy IV
Super Punch-Out! (I beat Gabby Jay in 6.21 seconds on SNESEMU!)
Bomberman '94
Soldier Blade
Well it changes a lot but currently:


Monkey Island 1&2
Looking for Sam and Max (if you have it please PM me)

Connect4 sometimes
Steer Fighter Alfa GP32

And some more cain't think of!
Azure posted on Dec 13 2003 at 05:00 PM said:
Super Mario World

Bomberman '94
Is SuperMarioWorld playable (I mean fast enough) for you? Which emulator and what settings do you use?

And is there a possibility to play Bomberman with multiple players? :rolleyes:
It's not thatgreat fun if you play the single-player modus...

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gene posted on Dec 13 2003 at 09:12 AM said:
Azure posted on Dec 13 2003 at 05:00 PM said:
Super Mario World

Bomberman '94
Is SuperMarioWorld playable (I mean fast enough) for you? Which emulator and what settings do you use?

And is there a possibility to play Bomberman with multiple players? :rolleyes:
It's not thatgreat fun if you play the single-player modus...

I play SMW with sound at FS 3 with snes9xgp and it's great. The version of gpengine at the brit meet-up supported it.
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Tetris Attack
CosmoGang - the video
Battle Pinball
Qbert 3
Zombies Ate MyNeighbors


Fantasy Zone 1,2
Space Invaders


Alien Crush
Galaga 89
Legendary Axe
Mr Heli
Ninja Spirit
Gomola Speed


City Connection
Crisis Force
Metal Storm
Rolling Thunder
Solomon's Key


Game + Watch
Head On
Dragon' Lair (kinda choppy)
Mario Tennis
Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Atari 800

Jr Pacman
Jumpman Jr
-Super Mario World (160mhz, sound, frameskip 3 :p )
-Street Fighter 5 Championsship Edition (same settings as above, near fullspeed :D )
-Illusion of Time (as i lost my savegame from lufia II, i started this very playable rpg, chrono trigger and so arent really playable)
-Final Fight 2 & 3 (really playable as street fighter)

-Mario Tennis
-different german Pkmn Hacks (fun B) )

PC Engine:
-Aero Blasters (always get into lvl 4 then i die <_< )
-Bomberman '94 (of course :D )

-Super Mario Brothers 3

-Pitfall 2 (lol)

-Double Dragon (dont ask why.... :ph34r: )
-Sonic ( :) )

Commercial Games:
-Little Wizard
-Her Knights

-Arcano (cant remove this from my SMC :rolleyes: )
-Fire and Fire
I find myself going between many games. i have too many nes roms too play them all so i just rotate the ones on my smc. I always have smb3 on there though, thats probably my most played game on the gp32. I have a hell of alot of sms roms yet i only really play sonic and sonic 2. I tried to play through the wonderboy series but i got bored. Snes, i only really play fifa 98 and the dk series( the dk games play great on both snes emulators). Ive played through ff6 but that was quite a while ago. I dont really know what games to play on the atari st so i havent really bothered. millitary maddness and bm94 for the pce are great games but i kinda prefer using emu's with savestates. and of couse gp pang and gloop.
I'm currently playing:-

Zelda Oracle Of Ages on GPVGB (GBC)
Zelda Oracle Of Seasons on GPVGB (GBC)

I have the odd blast of:-

Samurai Warrior on Frodo (C64)

R-Type on GPengine (PC Engine)

I have many other roms but those are what I'm playing at the moment. I intend to play Phantasy Star on fSMS32 (SMS) once I've finished the Zelda games :)
Glad to hear someone finally mentioned Frodo :D

Seems to me its underrated. On Frodo, I'm presently playing:

Armalyte (fantastic shooter)
Turrican 2
Great Giana Sisters
Lady Tut
Bruce Lee
Rick Dangerous
I'm amazed no-one's yet mentioned either Arcano or World of Picross for for the GP itself, and both brilliant games.

ATM I'm on movies for the most part, so not too much playing involved, although I frequently showcase the machine Mario 3 and Sonic Chaos to people who are nostalgic about such games. And Little Wizard for the occasional quick blast...

Only reason I'm not still on the ones I mentioned earlier are, for Arcano, too few levels, and for WoP, because I haven't bothered to put it back on after my first SMC crash 6 months ago. Brilliant game though.

Oh, and don't forget

GPMine 0.1 alpha which might as well be the final release; does everything I'd expect from a minesweeper game, and I'd say some more besides :)

Falldown which is frustratingly addictive, and pleasantly small

GPSolitaire or some similar; not the GPGames version. Rather its a clone - card back for card back - of the windows version of it.

Vexed a brilliant puzzle game that's darn hard in the later levels...

Really, people, don't only look to emulation if you're new or old to the machine; theres SO much more! (*Especially* World of Picross. If you've not played it, go and do so. Now.)
whodahell600 posted on Dec 13 2003 at 07:41 PM said:
Doom 2
metal gear solid (GBC)
River city ransom (NES)
Are you playing MGS on fGB? Mine locks up when ever I use the elevator about 30% into the game (right after obtaining the gas mask).
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Castlevania (NES)
Excitebike (NES)
Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball (NES)
Day of the Tentacle (SCUMM)
NFL Quarterback Club 96 (GB)

But to respond to the question "what am I playing at the moment?" -- the answer is... nothing! I'm typing a message on a forum! :p