GP2X Sge Game Engine For Gp2x


Still Fresh
Dec 18, 2005
This simple game engine (SGE) targets the GP2X handheld game console. The engine is written in C++ using the SDL library and the Lua scripting language. Games created using the SGE engine can be entirely scripted, however developers can also load external libraries using Lua.

Here is a list of features that are currently supported.

* Runtime environment using GP2X
* Simulation environment using Linux for development.
* Rectangle widget (for drawing windows / title bars / solid background colors / ...)
* Image widget (png and bmp images)
* Text widget (supporting true type fonts)
* Keyboard events (keyboard events are really just useful for a development environment)
* Joystick events (joystick button events are supported under the simulation environment for the RumblePad2)
* Update events (each object / widget can register an Update function which will be called each frame)

See screenshots and download at the SGE Homepage

Please use this thread for suggestions about features for future versions.