GP2X 2d Engine


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Mar 25, 2008

i have made a port of my C++ 2D engine on Gp2X (based on SDL or OpenGL), it have RPG map editor (no events, just handle collisions) who support 4 layers of tiles, there is the result on Gp2X:


and the editor:


others features are:

- Physics (with Box2D, but still incomplete and not optimized)
- Easy resources system
- Easy Lua scripting
- Gp2X features like overclocking/mmu hack (thank Squidge)
- Touchscreen support for Gp2X
- Packing of game data
and more...

the editor is still in beta and i have not translated it to english (like my engine)... i don't have enough time for it now

all are in BSD license

the official site is here but in french :<

the english alternative site is here

examples are also availables in binary format for Windows and Gp2X (with sources) here (27mb)

the first rpg example binary don't work in this package (need recompiling...) but the second is ok


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Jan 31, 2006
Nice release! Everybody was asking for a decent 2d rpg engine lately and there have been a few attempts to make one. But this has multiple tile layers, lua scripting and physics! Very cool. Hopefully you can finish it and polish it a little. Maybe some people on the forum would like to help!