Secret of Mana is being remastered


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Aug 24, 2011
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PS4, Vita, PC but no Nintendo support.. mighty odd considering the games history, but hey at least it's coming & I suppose there's always an outside chance it may happen for the Switch eventually.
Not too sure about the voices/visual style but it'll most probably grow on on me as long as long as the gameplay isn't messed with too much.





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Why? There is nothing wrong with the original Secret of Mana. It was and still is a great game.

PS4, Vita & PC.. no Switch support announced so far which is mighty odd considering it's history, but hey at least it's coming & I suppose there's a chance it may happen eventually.
Not sure on the voices/visual style but as long as they don't mess with the gameplay too much I'm sure I'll enjoy just as much as I did first time around.

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I guess it's not announced on the switch because they are already selling a bundle of the three games on the switch.

I hope there will be armor animation in this one, since they are making in 3D.
HOLY SHIT i love the old game and i'd totally play it again in 3D! also i want to hug all the devs because i'm slowly running out of games for my vita and those guys decided to release the game for it too <3 dunno why i get so excited about this, but wooohoooo!
Not into the graphics style although it seems to be an accurate evolution of the original art style which I will always love. But still this is exciting news. I wonder if they'll release this for linux as well on steam. The snes SoM games will always stay in my favorite jrpg list and if this supports multiplayer like the original ones (well a few improvements would be nice) I will be all up in this.
If the gameplay remains faithful to the original, a more modern graphic style is only a plus.

Anyway I always appreciate if there's an option to use the old style... for example when with Chrono Trigger they added anime-style cinematics for the PSX... them were good and all, but I was missing the original animations...
It could be the best remaster ever, but not sure I would get it, I feel I don't have time for such games any more. Also not sure how I feel about Voice acting in the game.
It looks like a game from that uncomfortable period where where 3D games started to become the norm, they look like FF7 characters with nicer textures on them. The art style of the original is timeless.
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[Square Enix office building, storage room]

"We need to clear some space here, what's in that box?"
"That's the discs with the data we created back when we wanted to do a PS1 port of Secret Of Mana. I guess we can throw them away now."
"On the contrary, it's exactly what we need now!"
Why? There is nothing wrong with the original Secret of Mana. It was and still is a great game.
I said the same thing. Why not remaster SD3 and give it a proper international release? But then directive0 hits the nail square on it's greedy little head. :p
SD2/Secret of Mana made and will make way more money.
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still a proper multiplayer would be very nice. I agree though that they should give SD2 a proper international release.
I usually don't like Squares remakes, all the FF remakes look like they have diamond shaped polygons for heads, but this one looks really nice. Secret of Mana also had really bad slowdown on the SNES, I always thought it needed a little more oomf, I still owned and loved it though. I have yet to go through it again, I'll have to do it with this remake!