Secret life of my Pandora touchscreen ;p


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Feb 7, 2014

The problem I've been getting since the beginning is that when touching the screen continuously (e.g. by drawing lines or moving windows) the screen sometimes suddenly decides to stop recognizing where I'm touching it and clicks somewhere randomly for a split second (mostly about ~1/3 of screen height above where I'm actually touching). It's best demonstrated in a painting app, where it suddenly draws straight lines from the point that I'm actually touching to a random point above.

Now, I've had the very same issue with my Nintendo DS and seen it happen on another unit, so I guess it's just a "feature" of these kinds of touch screens and didn't pursue the issue further, I can live with it. However, a bizarre thing happened today - it stopped. It works perfectly now. There's still a missed pixel in a straight line here and there (to be expected with this technology), but there's no more jumps, I couldn't get them to happen.

So, my questions are:

- why has it stopped?

- will it come back?

- is it common with Pandora screens?

- if it does come back, what can I do to make it go away again? (I kind of like the idea of the screen working perfectly ;p)

Thanks for reading. :)
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Yeah, and willpower. Do not underestimate my psychic abilities, Pandora!
There are three tabs at the top of the LCD bezel that may not be snapped in properly. Talking to Link last year he said it was fairly common to see units with these tabs snapped out of place when receiving units. If these are out of place sometimes it adds pressure to the side of the screen causing the cursor to move around oddly..

picture in spoiler of a properly seated top bezel. EDIT: And a very dusty Pandora screen apparently.


Edit 2: if they are out of place, then you can loosen the screws a tad and force the tabs in place..
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Picture refuses to load for me.

Anyway, might it be that I hugged my Pandy so much I accidentally snapped them in place? :)
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Yes, and the picture itself too. It's trying to start loading, but refuses to. Let me check in Chrome...

Ok, Chrome works. So, I should be looking at the fact that it's perfectly flat, yeah? Mine is too, but I don't remember if it wasn't before. I do remember though that even yesterday I cursed the screen for being a douche in Sunvox when moving instruments, and now it's OK. ;)

Also, my Firefox doesn't like even that direct link, says the image contains errors.
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I saw one defective screen which had this exact problem.

I even removed it completely from the lid.