Sd Card Readers And Batteries


Feb 19, 2006
Hi all,

Before I order a GP2X from Craig's, I'm not fully understanding some of the advice about SD card readers and rechargeable batteries.

I have a USB card reader, a 512MB Sandisk card, and a 2GB Sandisk card. When I insert them into the USB card reader, Windows recognizes the card as a drive. I have the option of formatting as FAT32. The FAQ warns not to format the card as FAT32, but rather to format the card "using the card reader". I'm confused about how the card reader can format the card. Are there any off-the-shelf (CircCity, BBuy) Sandisk-brand device that can do this?

Also, which brand / model of rechargeable AAs should I pick up? Someone was suggesting buying from Radio Shack, but not all rechargeables are equal.

Yup fat32.. And I suggest just to get a pack of 2500mah Energizer Nimh. These fellas last 5-7 hours in my gp2x. Go for the charger that charges in 8hours, the speed charger isnt too good at all o_O So the best bet is to go for the 4pack combo with a 8hour charger. [over night i think its called]
Your see there are two ways to access your SD card: one is directly plugging it into your card reader and the other way is via your GP2X and a USB cable. The USB/GP2X way can(and does) give some people a lot of problems which is why a card reader is usually recommended. Your card should be formatted to FAT32.

BTW I also have a SanDisk 512 Mb card and it works great.

As for rechargeable batteries, just try and make sure you get at least 2500: they'll last longer. I have around 3 different pairs and some last longer than others but that's because some of them are only 2000, some are 2300 and so on.
Excellent! Thanks for the info.

I plan to order from Craig's ( The shipping/import costs might be a pain in the a$$, but his website is the most informative and confidence-inspiring among all GP2X authorized dealers.
I bought a combo pack of 4 2400MaH duracell batteries and the 15 minute charger. So far it works great, and I am getting over 5 hours of play per charge.

Here is a link, but I bought mine in the camera dept. of walmart.