Scummvm: 1.0.0 "preview 2" Release For The Wiz


Random GP32/GP2X/Wiz & Pandora Moocher
Jul 20, 2003
Bath, Somerset, UK
Just a quick news post to direct people to

There you can find the new 1.0.0 "preview 2" release of ScummVM for the Wiz. All the details are on that page.

The high point of the release is support for downscaling of games. This now means that high resolution games such as Discworld 2 and The Curse of Monkey Island are now supported on the Wiz.

While I am personally not a fan of downscaling I have to confess that the Wiz's OLED screen makes a very good job of displaying the downscaled image. It's also worth noting that the extra grunt the Wiz has over the GP2X makes these high resolution games much more playable on the Wiz.
Yeah, Curse of Monkey Island looks and plays very good.
Thanks for this great release!

Doenscaling is pretty awesome. Now if DosBox was capable of that :rolleyes:
Madman said:
Doenscaling is pretty awesome. Now if DosBox was capable of that :rolleyes:

The fact that the Wiz isn't powerful enough to play anything in DosBox is more of an issue than the downscaling problem.
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Argh! If I had only been a little more patient I could have replayed CoMI here instead of on my PC. I've never done the hard mode before though, so maybe I could do another replay :)

I've not tried this version yet but on the version before this I noticed that the "mute all" button didn't seem to work. I had to manually lower all the volume levels. Not sure if this has been fixed (getting this version now) but if it hasn't maybe you could take a look at it.
Those of you that have played CoMI on this, did you have bugs where sometimes during movement the last frame wouldn't be erased all the way? It doesn't make the game any less playable it's just kind of annoying, but I've not seen anyone else mention it so I wonder if I've done something to cause it, or if everyone else has the same thing. The sprites are also fuzzy but I assume that's just because of the downscaling. Either way I don't really care because it's CoMI in my pocket everywhere I go!