Screen covers (grey part)?


Feb 10, 2003
I have seen the replacement screen covers Craig has at, but does anybody know where to get replacements for the grey plastic piece that holds the screen cover down?

Also, there was some mention a while back about a plug that fits the ext port. Does anybody know a source for the plugs and a pinout for it?

Since it looks like the FLU DIY kit is vapor, I have some ideas with LEDs I want to work on.
Check out the adaptation of a Gameboy Wormlight I have made. See the website
The guide mentions the GP32 connector part number.
Regarding the source for such connector - at that time I have contacted the Hyupjin Inc. (manufacturer) looking at an e-mail at their website. They were cool enough to send me a sample (which you see pictured in the guide). However I don't know how many people might have contacted them so far and if they still provide samples.
Another way of getting the connector is finding a cable for the Samsung R200 / R210 cell phone.