Save Disk For Gold Box Games (amiga)


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Jul 23, 2006
helsinki, finland
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Hi all,

I just got a spare stick so I Can start playing again. Anyway, I thought I'd give the gold box games a go and on amiga, since back in the day I played the c64 versions. The cracked version works fine until I need to save my character. It asks for a save disk and I don't have one. How do I get around this/create a blank adf?
BadAstronaut said:
I got Secret of the Silver Blades to run pretty fine in DOSBox :)
Check the file archive here,0,0,0,63

Is it easier to control on dosbox than on amiga? I've found the mouse emulation for everything to be less than optimal. These games just might have to wait for the pandora and the qwerty keyboard.
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Well, movement is controlled by the D-Pad. Plus everything can be mapped as you like. There is a text file in the zip at that archive location in my previous post, which explains everything. Plus it can be remapped to whatever you like (and diagonals can be better mapped as well - I really should update those config files...)