Creating A Save Disk (.adf)? For Uae4All Help!


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Oct 6, 2009
Ok, feeling a bit sheepish here, I think I've read everything in terms of readme files and I can't see how to create "blank" adf files/disk images that can be formatted into save disks for games.

I have found an actual .adf save game disk/.adf image for something like Dungeon Master, thought I could save that, and just copy-format-rename-save it to each dir that needed a save file- but that seems like a poor solution!

So, yeah... if I could get a head's up on how one creates blank .adf images that can be "inserted" and "formatted" and "used" to save games such as Black Crypt, Pirates! and such that would be very cool.

(also, UAE4ALL allows one to select up to 4 drives connected, how does one actually put disks into those extra drives, when I hit (L) it looks like I can only access the virtual DF0: I must be missing something, any pointers?)

As always, thanks for any advice and onward and upward!

For the blank disks I just use the computer version of UAE. For me it is the simplest way since you can custom name each disk without naming them inside the emulator. Just click create custom disk and give a label name inside the floppy drives settings.

It is a shame this can't be done inside UAE4All. As for loading DF1: through DF3:, I'm afraid I don't know either. The drives are there...
Thanks for the reply, and info!

I assume that the ability to load disks into DF1:, DF2, and DF3: will come with an update down the road. That being said, I'm pretty impressed with how well this emulator works. Great stuff.

I actually didn't really solve the issue of making blank disk images, I found a site that has basically all of the save disk images I am interested in for download. I should try to locate a copy of UAE for my machine, which is a Mac. I suspect that I might run into trouble when I get around to trying MAME on the Wiz, but I've been swamped with busy lately and have had to set down the Wiz for a couple of weeks.

Hopefully soon I can start mucking about with it, and then I'm sure a couple more of silly questions will appear...

Onward and Upward...