Collectors - Cherished Games?


Jan 4, 2010
Workington, Cumbria, (UK)
Any other stubborn old gits like me out there, who refuse to stop collecting? (much to the chagrin of my significant other) would love to hear some of your most treasured possessions

Some of mine are:
REZ (Dreamcast)
RADIANT SILVERGUN (Sega Saturn) (my picture is a bit of a clue)
FATAL FURY SPECIAL (Neo Geo) (Did Have Japanese AES Console, Stolen along with S/load of collectable games - knowledgable burglars or what!)
TEMPEST 2000 (Atari Jaguar) (Bought the console just for this game, not particularly valuable - just love the game & the Yak)
STEEL BATTALION (Xbox) (Believe it or not bought for £6.50 complete with the huge controller (haggled down from £10) in almost mint condition, at car boot sale)
TWINKLE STAR SPRITES (Dreamcast - import)
POWERSTONE 2 (Dreamcast)

Oh the pain (money spent, games lost and stolen etc)

My other half is convinced that i am too old, for my as she puts it "pathological retro game hoarding" am i the only one here? (hope not)

Thanks for listening.
My collections are nice and easy:

Metal Gear Solid series
Resident Evil series
Silent Hill series

I have many, many, MANY games.. but as for prised collections - it's the above.

Yes, they're all pretty mainstream and new. But I'm not that old, so maybe my list does not count.

I'm 24, and my cherished games are as follows:

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (N64)
Mysterious Ninja: Starring Goemon (N64)
Body Harvest (N64)
Pokemon Red/Gold (GBC)
The King of Fighters games - including The Match of The Millennium (Neo Geo Pocket Color)
Final Fantasies VII, VIII, and IX (PS1)

I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them right now. Btw, I wasn't allowed to have a console until my teens, which is why I don't have the Mega Drive in the above list (which is the console I would most likely have bought at that age!).
sega nomad with box/manual and STEREO tv out cable

nintendo virtual boy with blockbuster rental case, battery and ac adapter, manual, and the fabled nesters funky bowling

a factory sealed copy of f-zero

non best of release of castlevania sotn

non best of release of ff7 (i dont even like that game but i know its worth something)

zelda shirt from zelda 3 era

donkey kong shirt and soundtrack from donkey kong country

old school plush donkey kong from the 80s

2 metal panels from a sega saturn demo unit that make sonics face (hanging on m6y wall)

solid snake action figure with accessories

and my pandora preorder verification email
To give a list would be far too long, though some highlights would be my treasured SNES games (especially the Mega Man titles and Star Fox), High Seas Havoc for the Mega Drive, and the lone JAMMA PCB that I own.

I will say this, though: I don't "collect" in the sense of the word that some folks use. It makes me sad to think of a game being collected to death and never played - especially when such things push prices up to ludicrous levels for those of us who actually want to play the games. :p

If I buy a factory-sealed game, the first thing I do is remove the seal and play it.
heh so far everything that has been posted came out after I graduated from high school.. I guess I'm dating myself.

Dark Forces & Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight + expansions. - By far my all time favorites / star wars geek that I am.
Retail Copy of Abuse. - kind of a Rare find.
Warcraft II - I liked Warcraft I, but II really consumed most of my time
Wolfenstien 3D - Started 3D shooters for me.
Doom and Doom II - These games where phenomenal back in the day.. younger generation may not appreciate them as much.
Blood - By far my favorite game on the Duke 3D engine.
Duke Nukem II - not 3D, this game consumed much of my time.
Duke Nukem 3D - First game I actually LAN Partied on a Token Ring network no less.
Wing Commander I and II - my $3000 dollar 386 system finally got some stress with these. payed over $200 dollars to get a 2x speed CD-ROM to play it.
A dozen more...

Asteroids - sucked compared to the Arcade version, still loved it.
Pitfall - "awesome" graphics, back in the day
Defender - Saving those damn humans from aliens gave me a complex.

Super Mario 1 - 3 - loved em all
River City Ransom - never could afford the game.. rented it at the local store every other week. I finally bought it out of Gamestop used bin 6 years ago.
Legacy of the Wizard - it was an odd game never beat it.. but took up hours of my time.
Batman - it's batman can't explain it better than that.

Streets of Rage 1 and 2: Kind of Cheesy but good Coop fun.

Super Nintendo:
Super Metroid - got me into the franchise.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time - By far my favorite for the console.
007 Goldeneye - Giving PC Shooters a run for the money until 3DFX came around.

Soul Calibur - First fighting game that had a combat system I liked.

I can rattle off a ton more.. but stopping here.

Also I have a Sega Nomad and Rechargeable battery Pack too.. still play Streets of Rage II on it once an a while.
TrashyMG said:
Also I have a Sega Nomad and Rechargeable battery Pack too.. still play Streets of Rage II on it once an a while.

i would kill for a rechargeable nomad pack. i have a pack that takes 6 batteries and they only last like 8 hours mabe. until the pandora the nomad was the coolest handheld out there. tv out, and a second controller port ftw!!
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I'm 31 and didn't really get into computers until the early 90's, but I have a soft spot for games even older than that, too. But to make a short list of my most treasured retro games:

Retro PC, Amiga and other computers:
Wing Commander 1 through Prophecy
Dune (the CD version)
All the LucasArts adventures, and multiple versions of pretty much all of them that were released in more than one version - sadly not the FMTowns releases though
Sonic Adventure DX
Warcraft II

Retro consoles:
Chrono Trigger (SNES, PSX (horrible port...) and NDS)
Super Mario 1-3 and World (NES, SNES)
Sheep, Dog & Wolf (PSX)
Vagrant Story (PSX)
Yoshi's Island (SNES and NDS)
Donkey Kong Country series (SNES)
Sonic 1 through 3 and Knuckles (MegaDrive)
My retro collection (in no particular order):

Final Fantasy I US
Final Fantasy II & III JAP
Dragon Warrior I & II & III & IV US
Tecmo Bowl
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (all 5 of them)
Bad Dudes
Zelda I & II
Yoshi & Yoshi's Cookie
Wizardry (2 of 3, still need Knight of Diamonds)
Wizards & Warriors I & III
Ultima (all 3!)
Spy vs Spy

I used to have a lot more rare RPG's but the majority of my 100+ NES collection were stolen by my dads ex wife in the divorce :(

I also have Zork I and II for Commodore 64 (them big ass floppy's)

I'm not going to post my SNES or Sega Master System collection as that would take way too long, but I am most proud of my NES collection and certain SNES RPG's like Final Fantasy IV V and VI JAP versions and II and III US versions.

I love collecting rare retro RPG's!

- trix