Sad News: Hdloader Currently Taken Off The Market


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Jun 11, 2003
For those of you who don't already know what HDLoader is, HDLoader is a program for PS2 that will use any hard drive that you can connect to your PS2 through the network adapter to store and load games from that hard drive. It was prssed onto disc and could be sued on any standard PS2. It was a revolutionary product.

But Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. for the last few weeks have gone after HDLoader because HDLoader can be use as a circumvention device to pirate PS2 games i.e. just copy the games onto the hard drive instead of renting. Sont has sent out cease and desist orders to many retailers of the product.

Like I said before, this HDLOader app was rather revolutionary for the PS2. I personally bought two of them right away and looks like I made a good choice there.

Anyways, I just think that sucks ass, personally.
HDadvance is just hdloader with a new gui basically. Slightly different but no changes in compatibility.

I got the pressed disk before it was closed down and use it all the time.

Also managed to get a ps2 chip from one of the last places in the UK to sell em which should be here soon (thanks steve-o :D).
Yeah, well, for those of us unwilling to chip PS2's anymore, it worked for us (OK, fine, it worked for me). It was a good way of playing backups on the PS2 without a chip or swap trick.

And by the looks of it, HDAdvance may be the same technology that HDLoader had and they just basically gave it up to someone else before Sony finally got to them. They just repackaged it somehow.
No no no, all you need as far as hard drives for PS2 go is an official Sony network adapter and a hard drive that will fit. No need to mod the console at all. You don't need to get the official PS2 hard drive at all. It appears a lot of Maxtor and Seagate ones fit. Others may fit with some physical modifications to the network adapter. I know I got mine to. :)
Huxley posted on Jul 28 2004 at 05:27 PM said:
Cool! So...uhh...what's the compatability like with this HDLoader/HDAdvance thing?

EDIT: Plus, does anyone know whre to buy a copy in the UK? <_<
Ebay, and the compat is a bit shite to be honest. Don't really take note of the one from nfo if you come across it. It's totally wrong.

And maltloaf, in the UK, all the reputable places have stopped selling them. Really.
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mastaboog749 posted on Jul 28 2004 at 08:17 PM said:
Damn I wanna get one of these. I was gonna get HDloader but I guess I cant anymore. So I have to get this HDAdvance thing?
Get em on ebay.
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I'd heard of this but never got around to doing anything about it...

The HD - how does it fit to the Network Adapter (is it obvious?), and what type of HD can you use (i.e. Scsi, or the other one - sorry its slipped my mind - I usually only buy HDs for Servers!!!!, ah... IDE)

Great news that the HD Advance is there to follow after the HD Loader.

BTW, does anybody know yet if it works with imports?