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Aug 22, 2003
rlyeh just asked me on IRC to make a thread about this, so here it goes. he wants to make a final release of several of his emus before christmas. he considers fCol32, fGB32, fSMS32, and fMSX32 mostly complete emulation-wise. post feature (not "OMFG MAKE FGEN FASTER") requests here for any of his emulators.

for now, the to-do list for fGB32 is:
- config saving
- accurate frame limiter and auto-frameskip
- non-random savefile naming (this caused some problems if you added or removed ROMs)
- forcing Gameboy Color support on GB ROMs to get colors
- Super Gameboy support
- two player linking

edit: note that SMC corruption in some cases when saving has been eliminated in all emulators
- Switch the menu from L+R to just R and let L be "Super Fast" mode which ups the Frameskip to 9+, disables sound, and any other frill to get it as fast as possible (ala Little John). I find this VERY useful in RPGs on Little John with too many random battles, or when I want the action to scroll quickly. Another option would be Start+L if Rlyeh wants the menu to always be L+R.

- Ability to delete ROMs from his emulators. Sometimes I find a ROM that either doesn't work, doesn't work well, or the game itself just plain sucks. I used this in GPEngine to delete about 10 ROMs.

I would suggest more, but they are really just trifles. These two suggestions are what's really important to me.
diablo2 posted on Aug 18 2004 at 03:04 AM said:
six button controller support
Yep and in fgb it would be nice if metal gear solid got past the elevator. Seems to lock up.
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GPJosh posted on Aug 18 2004 at 04:08 AM said:
Non-random savefile naming would get my vote because I constantly change my SMC's around. ;)
CRC32.save# would be a perfect name.
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I know you did not want to hear "make faster"-requests, but I would really like to see fcol32 to be made slower as it is almost unplayable fast for most games... If it comes close to original CBS-Speed, this would be a very close to perfection emulator...
For fSMS, I would like to see:
- config saving
- non-random savefile naming (I know they are not really random)
- Assign start key to also be button 1
- Allow user to switch buttons controls of buttons A and B - With some games, I feel it would be more comfortable to play if this was possible.
- Option to automatically load save state if one exists

I know it is not on the list for this thread but, for fZX I would love to see:
- Config file for game specific keys (like ZX Advance). This allows you to give a proper long name to the game and assign 10 Spectrum keys (or Kempston controls) to the 10 GP32 inputs. To access the menu, you press L+R+Start. The ZX Advance config file is huge and already covers tons of games, so it would not be too difficult to adapt that one (with TheHives permission, I presume) and users would just have to make sure their images are saved with the correct file name as per this file.
- Option to automatically load save state if one exists
- An on-screen virtual keyboard like fMSX, Frodo and Castaway.
- Save states with similar names to the image being played (e.g. For Manicm.z80 save state could be called Manicm.s01)
If posible, for FGB32:
- OC speed selector.
- Some type of screen filter for smooth & clean gfx in full screen.
- Ability to delete ROMs from menú.

for all emulators, a button config would be sweet with the ability to save these options for every games or for special games alà os9xgp.
in fsms32, i would like to see the water bug fixed in sonic1, other then that this emu is awesome already.
in fgb32, most have been said already, maybe if theres much time left, a cheat option... (xploder)

also for alle emus which dont need all buttons from gp, like general said, a L speeds up button would be nice :rolleyes:

edit: AH wait! for all emus movie recording function like in fnes32, but please that you dont have to start the game from the beginning all the time :rolleyes: its a wonderful extra.

and, hmm, is MOD music playback possible? ;)
How about a default game config in all these emulators ? That's quite annoying to have to set up a new configuration each time you try a new game. For instance, each time I play a new game on FGB, I set frameskip, screen resize, color palette,...

Some tiny speedup for gameboy color games would be great, there is a great speed difference between GB and GBC emulation.
If it'd work, implementing Resy's Z80 core in some of the emus might be very nice - but I suspect that's probably not doable yet (I remember being told it cuts a lot of corners which need to be re-written back in). Especially in fMSX (mainly for helping with MSX2/2+ emulation since whilst MSX1 runs at a brilliant speed, 2 iirc and 2+ certainly run extremely slowly - or I had it configured very very badly...). and maybe fSMS (might help with the water-bug in the various Sonic games).

However, if that's not doable then things like changing the way saves are dealt with would be great, and maybe implementing animating savestates in other emus - but *also* adding something like that it only animates them if not holding select, since I suspect that's part of the reason for the corruptions that occur in fGen saves from time to time (and resulted in my starting over at Sonic 1 *sniff*).

Rom deleting... nice idea; I don't use it as a feature much, but I do use it from time to time in LGJP.
Fast-forward, again, would be a great feature to see used some more.
Other than that, for Nes, any more mappers? Any chance of compatibility with Nobunaga 2 and other Konami games, if it doesn't already exist, and likewise that RPG called Just Breed that looks to be a fair bit nicer than most NES games (graphically, at least) but is pretty incompatible after you start to walk around in the same way that Kabuki Quantum Fighter is in both LJGP and NesterGP.

Anything you can do would be great, and I must say, I'm *really* looking forward to the fNes' eventual release simply because I haven't seen it since the Great Brittish meet-up. Good luck, and enjoy your few days' coding :)
Wolfsclaw posted on Aug 18 2004 at 07:42 AM said:
for all emulators, a button config would be sweet with the ability to save these options for every games or for special games alà os9xgp.
I second you on that :) imo it's really the best thing which can be included ;)
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Multiplayer Support via RF-Link would save the day because then my friends would buy a gp32 too. Multiplayer Support in fgen32 would be the best thing ever ;D(next to SNES Multiplayer)
I think the most important things are:
-config saving
-accurate frame limiter
- non-random savefile naming
These are the things that most disturbing me.
anything to show of fMame!!! that would be supercool.

but whatever he does is cool, either way. thanks a lot! (kiss ass I know, but... well, it's deserved, right?)
I found all of his emus allready perfect !!! nothing needs to be done !!!
So the time for a MAME beta has come !