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Apr 21, 2017

it seems that i never made an acoount here, so i am a new user but basicly was here some years ago. I have a pandora and after leaving it beside for some time i wanted to make it my mobile device again. Specially because i made my own phone with an atmega chip and wanted to work on my OS on the go.
But i have a problem:
On my PC i use Arduino IDE with the maniacbug optiboot thing to write my sketches onto my phone. But on my pandora i am not able to set up Arduino IDE to work with my atmega1284 chip.
So i would kindly ask someone to create me a .pnd with:
Arduino IDE 1.6
mighty 1284p mod or extension included

And still the possibility to add libraries like the available arduino IDE in the pandora program manager.

I tried myself but i do not get it working.
If someone could make me a .pnd i would pay 0.05 btc for that.

Thanks in advance


I now tried different ways and still not got it running. I tried to open the pnd and input the files from mighty 1284p , tried to completely take a new instance from arduino ide but nothing helps. As i normally use windows and am not so familiar with linux, i am totally lost.
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Why do you need a pnd? Why not run it from the shell on the Pandora?

You have the arm version of Arduino IDE?
From the shell? Not sure what you mean... I would be happy for any solution that works. So if you can guide me through the 0.05 btc are yours :)

Yes, i downloaded the arm version. But i just downloaded it, put in the mighty folder into hardware folder and packed it as a pnd. There are and so on, so i guess i would maybe have to install it first. But no glue...
It's likely that the ARM version requires a hardfloat compiled kernel which we don't have by default.

@ptitSeb or @sebt3 could help you even more :)
[doublepost=1492845116,1492842787][/doublepost]After looking further I have discovered that Arduino requires Java and the floatyness shouldn't matter so much, if at all.

I dunno where the Java PND is hiding though.
I dunno where the Java PND is hiding though.
Well, it's in the REPO. And you can sneek a peek at how java is used by checking javascreenshot
But the tar.xz comes with it's own java (I get Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: processing/app/Base : Unsupported major.minor version) at the start, so some tweaking will be required. (did use 'our' internal java. Alternative is to simulate the installation of java onto the Nand, and then run it).

Arduino ARM builds
Cross Compilation with ANT
[doublepost=1492852215,1492851738][/doublepost]I just got a digispark, so this would be cool to run on Pandora (except for the small screen... but I'm used to that by now)