Arduino Gui Porting To Openpandora - Possible? Help?

I've also heard they have a very poorly conditioned power plug. It falls out!
kingoddball said:
I've also heard they have a very poorly conditioned power plug. It falls out!

A bit harsh, I've had mine since July without problem.
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I had mine under a week. It was shit.
SLOW as piss, didn't do what it was meant to do. Half of it was in Chinese.

Mine wouldn't read all SD Cards, and the ones it did, the package manager would not initialize them.
It was a poor excuse for a media device!
I gave mine away, and the guy who took it won't even use it (it was free!).
In answer to the first response available: It is very likely that the arduino will work, given three things.
A. The arduino IDE is already open source, and it is very lightweight.
B. the necessary hardware drivers already exist (For those boards that have usb , otherwise you'll need a special add on chip)
C. From what I can see, there will be little to no actual porting involved. Get java running and you've got arduino running. There is even a non-java version, if I am not misinformed. Unless that one is only for windows, you probably won't need to actually compile anything! just run a linux binary, and it's running!
I've heard that porting the GUI/IDE will not be impossible, but the Java is the hardest part.
As for the devices needing USB, most of them come with a standard Mini-B, or FTDI input, which the connector for that is just a Mini-B as well.
The devices can also been programmed via BlueTooth (for those with the spare cash to buy a BT Arduino).

I have attempted to port the GUI myself, but I've become far too confused to understand what to do.
I have installed the AVR/ARM toolchains... It's just too confusing for me. As a programmer, all I understand are IDE based languages, that you just hit the compile/run button. Like RealBasic, VB, (OLD!) Borland Builder-X, Wiring & Arduino Language.

All this new stuff is far beyond me!
My guess would be that the Pandora would immediately find uses for people doing robotics and remote control using Arduino systems.
I'd bet that someone in this community will provide the necessary information and files necessary to implement the Pandora as an Arduino programmer/controller.
Be patient, it will occur.
Well there is a new Arduino spin-off with a 72Mhz ARM Core!
Looks GREAT!

Arduino on Pandora would bring a nice Niche market over. Thats the main reason I started looking in the Pandora (because Laptops/Netbooks were too big for my plans)..
kingoddball said:
Well there is a new Arduino spin-off with a 72Mhz ARM Core!

Nice hardware. Beware though, It's not compatible with the Arduino IDE.
Only the board itself uses the same form-factor as the Arduino. The pins are in the same place so you can use existing Arduino shields, but that's it.
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