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Apr 25, 2007
Not much happens in the android threads so I thought I'd put up a request and see if I get any response.

Would someone find it in there heart to make Android ports of some of the GP2X/WIZ/Caanoo emulators?
In particular

Picodrive - Can't find a decent Mega CD emulator on Android
BBC - There is an Android BBC emulator but it's slow and there are very few options.
Vectrex - Can't find anything on android =
Odyssey 2/ Philips Videopak - Again there isn't one on the android

I'm sure Im not the only one who would love to see these
Surely it boils down to controls ?, What would be the point of having a nice selection of emulators, But be left with having to deal with atrocious, Tactile-less feedback touch screen controls ?, Which is what the majority of Android devices are based around.

I know there are a few console based Android hand-helds with actual gaming controls, But probably not enough of them in the wild, Or owned by devs to warrant undertaking such a porting project.

But i could be wrong.
I don't think controls are that much of an issue. There are emulators already available which are doing well with touch screen controls and hard screen mapping.
There is even a sega emulator available with some cd support but it's not as compatible as picodrive for the cd games.

I agree that it is more about developers owning the devices and I'm just hoping there's someone out there trying to think of something to do.
Good old ZX81 has been hard at work porting some of his emulators to JXDs601 so I'm no longer on the lookout for the Vectrex emulator.

Thank You ZX