Request/Bounty: Compile Linux Driver for DVB-Stick, get 50€ for your time


Aug 31, 2006
Well, I'm happy it worked! and disappointed quality is not there... Anyhow, it was a fun journey for me, and make me finally set up the kernel cross-compile setup I wanted ;)

I don't know enough about DVB-T to help you more :/ I don't know if RAM could be an issue, for example? Maybe a swap file/zram thingie could help?

About the bounty, I didn't do much and result is not very good. If you really wish to keep it, I would be happy to see it split in half between Notaz and Mcobit, these two can't get thanked enough for their work.

Your're welcome, but I think u deserve at least one third of it. I'll do it this way: 15€ for everyone of u, this is 5€ less than offered which a blame on the quality of the solution ;-)

So the three of you, please send me the email-addresses for payment via pm and thanks again for your good work!