Refund Question

mali said:
PolloLoco said:
By Karel Jansen's reasoning, its not fair that I had to pay $30 at an internet cafe in my hotel in Beijing in order to get my preorder in as soon as it was released - ONLY because the preorder was pushed back just as I left on an Asian holiday. Its not fair that due to this change in schedule, others got to order from the comfort of their homes while I had to pay through the nose for internet access in China! If we are going to be a community, I demand that this community share in my $30 loss purely in the interests of fairness.
That is complete nonsense IMO

Not really, I see the logic. If you are expected to pay for something which banks abroad charges are incurred. That's nothing new. It's not my fault you dont' have a UK bank account.

This sort of thing happens ALL the time. Because of your circumstances you are paying more, that's life.

Not ranting, just saying.
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Maybe. This discussion died in my brain long ago, I'm not able to resurrect it any more ;)