Red Alert Kinda Game Would Be Awesome


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May 17, 2008
wouldn't it be great to play a red alert 2 kinda game on the pandora.
You could selecte your troops with the touch screen and move along the map using the d-pad or analog stick.
does anyone know if a game like that is open source?
and then there is freecnc, which is an sdl implementation of the cnc engine. It could even work out of the box. You need the original game files, though.

Edit: Plus, it is no longer under active development. Expect bugs and missing features - still I think it would be worth a try.
dang!! you beat me to it!! well here are the two engine reimplementations i know of 1 2 , oh and freeRA IS still active, but Freecnc isn't
command and conquer is actually freeware now

so freecnc would be excellent.

its strange that we have 2 good touchscreen consoles but the amount of killer touchscreen games is still low. The ds/gp2x is made for games such as rts and manager games
would be so cool to see command and conquer on the pandora another game i would love to see is starcraft but thats not free which sucks
I believe a couple of C&C titles are available for PSX as well, and they probably had PSX mouse support, which could be emulated via touch screen on Pandora.
With PSX emulation we have:
-Command & Conquer
-C&C: red alert
-C&C: retaliation
-Dune 2000
-Warzone 2100
-Civilization II

Should be enough to keep RTS fans happy for a while! :D
Warzone has proper support for dualshock, so it should be easy to adapt to the pandora touchscreen+analog+dpad control scheme.
is it possible to play red alert 2 yuri's revenge on this thing?(i own the game) ported maybe?

these are the system requirements

They are the same as the ones for Red Alert 2: Pentium II 266 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 8.0, 2 MB PCI graphics card (no hardware acceleration required), DirectX compatible sound card, 350 MB hard disk space, and a 4x CD-ROM drive

see, my "dosbox days" was actually this game.

problem about the new "red alert for free thing" is that, i wanted to play the second red alert and not the first one.

oh ya and starcraft? - its not free... is that the only thing that is stopping it to be not on the pandora?
I think starcraft was on the n64 too, so if that emulator gets working... good times.