Rebirth edition for sale


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Apr 16, 2011
Maryland, USA
I have had this for a year.  The only reason I am selling is because I also have a 1GHZ unit.  This 512 rebirth was only used as a backup/second unit.  It has only been used a dozen times or so.  This unit is flawless - no scratches (just fingerprints!).  It stayed in a case whenever it was not in use.  

All original accessories included:

  • original Pandora box
  • original stylus
  • original Pandora charger
  • Pandora battery case

  • padded carrying case (generic)
It has a 1GB SD card that I can leave in there if you want.  The only program on that card is the Pandora model check application by ekianjo - (see last image below).  Any questions, leave here or PM me.  I would prefer US buyer since I have never shipped anything overseas.  I will reflash the Pandora to remove my current user info before sending.

Asking $380 USD (shipping included to U.S. buyer).



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If any international folks would be interested, let me know.  I would be willing to ship overseas.  Just looking at at the price to ship to the UK via mail from here it looks to be roughly $30 USD  :(  .  If I can actually get that price from the post office I would be interested in any international orders. 

Let me know if anyone overseas is interested and maybe we can negotiate.