Pandora Rebirth Edition for Sale (SOLD!)


Jun 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
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EDIT on 7/2/16. Item is sold.

If you would like a reference, I am hepcat9 on Ebay; current feedback 937.

I won't lower the price further; if no one bites at $200, I'm keeping it.


Up for sale is a Pandora ReBirth Edition. I purchased this item in December of 2012, but barely used it until last year. Overall, I’d say it has seen 75-100 hours of use and is in excellent condition. I tested it again today and everything still seems to be working fine. When not in use, the Pandora has been stored in a GP32 case in a clean and smoke-free environment.

I’m asking $200 USD for the Pandora, which includes shipping, if you are in the US. If NOT in the US, the buyer will pay shipping.

The buyer will receive the following items, as seen in the pictures below. (There is one exception, the SD card in the Pandora is NOT for sale.

1. The Pandora.

2. Original box. (Kind of beat up, but that’s the way I received it.)

3. Pandora power supply.

4. Pandora stylus.

5. Battery case.

6. Battery. (I removed it to take a picture of the serial number inside the case. To be clear, only ONE battery is included.)

Thanks for looking!

pd username pic.jpg
Pandora receipt 121512.jpg
PD on full stylus.jpg
pd keyboard.jpg
PD top screen on.jpg
pd sd slots.jpg
pd top ports.jpg
pd bcase plug box.jpg
pd bottom battery case.jpg
pd inside case serial no.jpg
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