Edit: Rebirth 512 Pandora for sale - price change


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Apr 16, 2011
Maryland, USA
10/11 - I lowered the price a little. Trying to put aside some christmas cash for the kids. If interested, let me know. I don't want to put this on ebay yet, I would rather find it a new home with a Pandora follower.

Hi everyone,

I'm selling my Rebirth edition 512 Pandora. This is a backup unit that got very little use (my main Pandora is a 1ghz platinum edition). I originally bought this to be my main unit. Shortly after it shipped the platinum edition came out, so I bought one of those. This unit has no scratches or any other defects and includes the original box, stylus and power supply. Since this unit was only used as a backup it only has an additional 1GB SD card. I'll leave that in the unit if you want. I might also have a 4GB card to throw in (I'll look around).

Asking price $275 USD (free shipping to US customers - I'm located in Maryland).

I'll throw in a padded case that I use.

Any questions, post here or email me - donna at startx dot net

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