Beta Question For The Mods About Beta Testing Forum


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Nov 6, 2007
Hey mods. I realize the need to move these testing posts down to the testing forums. (I'd intended to ask before posting, but it was 12 midnight and people were starting to explore my webserver to see where the alpha test program was... :)

It would be helpful to me if I could break up the discussion in the big thread to a few smaller threads. Perhaps on the order of 5 to 10. Some threads would die off and I might replace them with new ones. I'm out of the way of the rest of the forum postings, but I figure it's your house, I don't want to re-arrange all the furnature.

I'm also feeling a bit guilty about using the GP32X forums for a game that I merely hope to release for Pandora, but know I want to release for Windows and Linux. Another alternative is for me to take all this beta testing chit chat somewhere else, and start my own forums on my own server. Seems like it would break the community up a bit and I'd prefer to stay here, but I'm concerned if there any more than a few forum threads, I'm starting to impose here.

At the moment I'm thinking of adding threads for:

Game Discussion
Bug Reports
New Feature Discussion
Graphics Design
New Game Ideas

Anyways, gimme some guidelines and I'll stick to them. :)


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Jun 25, 2003
I sent a PM, but I'll reiterate it here for the sake of others devs with similar needs.

In the past, sizable projects occasionally got their own subforums. Ideally we could do the same for new projects like yours, but Hando is simply not available very often to add forums here.

Instead, I suggest you contact EvilDragon about forum / blog /wiki hosting on an subdomain. He has offered these services for devs who need space for their projects, and I suggest you take him up on it. It's worked out pretty well for the Gentoo team.
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