Question about Rebirth boards and Classic Pandoras


Still Fresh
Mar 17, 2015
Hello everyone. I'm new here, hope this is in the right place.

I own a classic Pandora (got it in February of 2011 (I think, it was a while ago) ) and it's been a trooper. I had to RMA the video cable but otherwise it's been a good companion. I travel a lot for work.

I was inquiring about buying a Rebirth board for it, the 1GHz model. Are there any available? The price? Is it the same dimensions as the classic board?

Also, I've been kind of rough on my Pandora, and the case has seen better days. I'd be interested in ordering a replacement case as well.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

But if you want to swap the case + the pcb it might be easier to just buy a 1ghz model... or has your Screen/keymat a sentimental value for you? 
It went on two deployments with me, and all the screw mounts had cracked so I replaced them with pieces of rubber (from an old pair of boots) and superglue.

The screen has an adorable scratch from the charger power prong tapping it.

Yeah, it's special to me, haha.

I looked at the shop; could I buy the black 1GHz TV-only version and attach the LCD from the one I have now to it, and use it that way?

I was planning on using the older board for a project anyhow, it really doesn't need the screen for that.
That should work.*  If you want to pick up some replacement parts, or things to have a complete unit, most of those were available when I last checked.  If you don't mind the cost I think you can still preorder an aluminum case.   Details are somewhat scarce, however it should be more durable.  The aluminum cases are scheduled to begin production very soon.

*A word of warning: Supposedly the display cable is somewhat fragile and can be damaged when doing what you are considering.  I think someone mentioned that if you don't twist and place the cable properly it can rub or cut itself, which will kill it.  I think the cables are currently out of stock.  ED said he is getting another run of the cables made, and I think he mentioned there were some changes to the design to keep it from destroying itself so easily (I might be thinking of the Pyra display cable). 
In my experience LCD cable is not that hard to handle if you swap boards: just unclip LCD and WIFI cables and reclip them to the new board. Changing the case is more delicate, as the LCD cable should be extracted from the old case and put in a new one, which exposes it to all sorts of damage. However, I'm going to attempt this once my alu case arrives (or should it be 'if my alu case ever arrives'?)