LCD cable?


Mar 14, 2007
I have been told I have the rebirth equivalent of the LCD cable error. I was curious if this would require an entire LCD replacement or just the cable.

I see the LCD cable on the gp2x shop, that's what I need for a rebirth Pandora, right? Also, are there any instructions on how to do this? (can't find any in search)

Also, where do you buy extra AC adapters? I'd like one at work, too, just in case.

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If the cable is at fault, only the cable needs replacing. Keep in mind that replacing the LCD-cable isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world, so you might want to consider RMA'ing it. However, it could also just be that the cable has slid out of the connector, this is something you could potentially check for yourself.

Any decent-quality PSP power adaptor rated for 2A should work.
Thanks for the quick response.

Is there a tutorial for taking the Pandora apart? I don't want to screw it up. I don't think it's an LCD cable reseating issue since it displays "fine", but I'll check.