Release pyTwitterClient, a Twitter Client for Pandora: NEED YOUR HELP!


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May 7, 2012
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Hi everyone; this is my first attempt at porting something to Pandora so please bear with me if the following PND is not working perfectly yet.

You can try it for now.



It should launch without problem, after you select it in "Network" menu.


It appears as a single window with the tabs "timeline", "you" and "register app".

You should go first to "register app" and copy the URL indicated there in your browser. You should then login with your twitter account to authorize the application.

Note: Do not attempt to click on the "Authenticate in Browser" button, I do not believe this works yet.

Then Twitter.come provides you with a verification number you have to insert back in the application, again on "register app" tab in the appropriate field.

Once you are done you can click on "Register".

If everything worked, you should be able to see your timeline and your own messages in "you".


Please let me know what works/does not work on your side.



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Sry I fell asleep.. but will try now.

Ok first when you push, without reading your instructions like me, the Authentification Site Button the app stops working.

Register didn´t work that well either, but it may be that some instance was still running, because I was not able to restart the app and there where

a lot of scripts still runnning. Rebooting now...

Ah ok, error found:

File "./", line 385, in <module>

app = GUI()

File "./", line 135, in __init__

cursor.execute("""CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS profiles (name TEXT, oauth_token TEXT, oauth_token_secret TEXT)""")

sqlite3.OperationalError: disk I/O error

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