Pyra Ports Protector?

What's your opinion on getting a molded silicone port cover? (Likely extra charge add-on?)

  • Great idea! I'd buy one with my Pyra for a few Euros more.

    Votes: 44 63.8%
  • Stupid idea! I wouldn't even consider buying one.

    Votes: 6 8.7%
  • I like cheese.

    Votes: 19 27.5%

  • Total voters

Clear silicone only comes in cloudy slightly yellow form in my experience - I'd prefer a tinted type, especially if it was a case/skin.

Different people have different use cases, and so seem to want different things.  Some want to protect the device from scratches/cover over previously made scratches, so need a full skin.  Others want to improve its dust collection properties, but to get anything significantly over IP3X would need an external case.  Still others want to make it waterproof, so it comes to a slightly hard to get-into case.  Others are looking for shock/drop resistance, so the corners would need to be covered at least.

So sure, you can have a strip, but depending on how many other people want one it might be hard to justify manufacturing costs.

A strip with flaps will probably have to be made out of something more robust than silicone - cutouts for flaps in the middle will have sharp corners which will tend to propagate as cuts into the material.