PSP vs Pyra


Nihilistic Mystic
Feb 28, 2014
I guess the Pyra may not be the oven handheld for me. I guess for a treat I should go with one of the many Android options (junk/fast food, etc.?) and the rest of the time I should use a stick to draw and write in the dirt (fresh fruit and vegetables, responsible animal based products). Unfortunately my stick is probably genetically engineered and my dirt is probably bare because it is a chemical wasteland (I can't afford a lot of organic/non-GMO food, and when I do buy those things it is usually as something that is at least partially prepared). If I actually want to cook my raw ingredients save data for later reference or to transmit to others I guess I need to wait for lightening or something else to start a fire. Just as fresh and responsible raw ingredients and waiting for a fire are sometimes impractical, so is using a stick and dirt.

Thanks for talking me out of the Pyra and into Android devices again, @Klumpen. :(


As for on topic discussion...I guess I don't have anything to contribute.


Still Fresh
Aug 15, 2016
Well, feel free to give us a link to the workaround. Perhaps it is useful in compiling for Pandora/Pyra as well.
Sorry for late reply to all of you guys,i was working on releasing one of my games which i will create specific topic on ,it is playable on Pandora/Pyra but i do not know how well it will perform!!!
If OpenMW and/or GemRB are in your wheelhouse, then please change your name from "8bitDev" to "Legendary."
Actually i started with gameDev first time when i was modding Obilivion on Tes IV.I did not knew for those above,really back in the day when Oblivion came out i played it 1 year and 3 months without brake.Together with Shivering Isle and Knights of the nine patch and few mods it was game that i never wanted to quit playing.And so after 1 year and 3 months my graphics card died and i ended up making my parents mad so i got new one once i was able to make money for it.Basically once i was on poor integrated graphics card 2D game development came on my mind LOL!!!!
If you'd compared PSP homebrew (and not commercial games) to the Pandora/Pyra, you'd probably see less of a difference. As ZXDunny said, it's mainly down to resources. Homebrewers just don't have the same as commercial entities.
Sadly true,but now more new games are coming out with better quality,and i am really trying to make my games better with each release!