port of ff origins


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Jul 7, 2003

first of all: i've never done anything on the gp32 or the psx although i love writing code. right now i'm trying myself in the asm routines of the gp32

so my question is: is there anyone who is able to introduce me in psx ripping and is it possible that you can port final fantasy origins? (you may also splitt up the two games and rip off the movies). it would be great if anyone can support me and help me getting started in porting this great game. i think it should be possible if you don't write the game on the basic of a playstation emulator but write the complete code onto the gp32. the gp32 should be able to do the graphics since the wonderswan color can do too... (ok, except of the movies!)

Please can anybody help me!!!!
Why bother with that when you can just get the original snes roms? The ps1 uses 3d hardware too so it most likely isn't possible. Even if you took out the movies the games are coded differenly so why bother when you can just get the snes ones.
FF Origins, I believe, contains the remakes of Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 for the NES. These SAME remakes were also made for the Wonderswan Colour, a rather unpopular handheld device made by Sony. We just happen to have a half-decent Wonderswan Colour emulator (no sound, though), and there are two translation patches already available for FF1 and FF2 for the WSC.
FF origins had one or two of the snes ones actually and there are tons of translation patches for them. The only nes one released here was the original Final Fantasy.
Final Fantasy 4 for the SNES was released in the US and Europe as Final Fantasy 2, because it was the second Final Fantasy game released outside of Japan.

Final Fantasy 2 for the NES was never released outside of Japan. It was remade for the PSX, and eventually released as part of Final Fantasy Origins.


Take a look at the FF2 screenshots - definately not FF4.
It has FFV on it which is a snes game and I said 1 or 2 but anyways you can still get 2 as a nes rom and the nes emus are looking really good right now. I said here which by that I mean North America and the only nes FF game released here was the original. There are 3 nes ff games in total and the third hasn't been released here at all.
Quick question, seeing as it was mentioned. Is it possible to implement FMV into GP32 games by encoding to Divx and then implementing Moviepark into the game? Or would that require Moviepark to be open source?
ok, i thought somebody could perhaps help me with writing code and support me in programming for the gp32 but it seems (as far as i know by reading other threats!) to a sport of some guys in the gp32 community to make fun of threats which are meant serious.

first: Final Fantasy Origins contains a remake of Final Fantasy I and II and has nothing to do with the other parts

second: i know that the playstation has a gpu to do some graphic work, but the wsc emulator works well with my gp32 and the final fantasy roms. and since the wsc roms and the psx remake are nearly (not exactly) the same it should be possible because i want to port not to emulate the playstation.

the only problem right now is, that i don't know how to crack the playstation exe and that final fantasy origins uses some data format i can't read with any programm. it uses pak files (ok, for all the lazy guys: isn't that the thing that q3 uses... it can be opened with winace..). i wouldn't ask this question if i could open it with this programms.

SO I ASK AGAIN: i need a team of good programmers which help to crack the psx original, perhaps we could splitt up the game (final fantasy origins is on ONE disc). both games have the size around 60 MB (without movies) are already ENGLISH (not like the very BAD wsc translations of this games) so it could be done even without extra graphic chips. please can anybody help... i don't want to do this for me (because i can also play the game in front of my psx) but for the community (and i'm sure a lot of people will like it). so again (i know i'm going on your nerves :D) everybody who knows about psx hacking is welcome joining me for porting these games.
to twimfy:

i don't know if it would be possible to convert the fmv movies from the psx to avi's which are supported by moviepark. it should be possible since i know how to rip movies from psx games already and convert them to standard mpeg files.

about the moviepark thing: hmmm.... interesting idea to make moviepark part of the new code but then it must be open source because i don't think a programm in a programm would work. so somebody has to reverse compiling to get the src code!!!!!!!

but then we will have to splitt up the games because of size problems!!!!!!!!1
Surely FFO is closed-source, and wouldn't that pose quite a problem to porting it? Re-making, perhaps, after ripping all the sprites out and plugging them into an RPG-engine with reams of script - but we could always wait for RPGP32 to try that (which I suspect would be ohsomuch easier than a remake from scratch...)
IIRC RPGP32 is the name of the RPG engine that Atrkid and friends are working on. I think they've got the battle-engine, map-engine, speech-engine and such working, although not sure where they are in the scripting bit... But its on its way - slowly. I think. Unless its ground to a halt behind my back. Which is always possible...
Why bother making all sorts of new stuff when you can just play them with an emu? The cut scenes arn't that great and arn't needed for play and if both the playstation versions are 60mb without movies then there goes almost all of a 128mb smc. The nes roms arn't even one mb in size so again the nes or wonderswan roms are much more practical.
it might be a lot of work porting the playstation versions over...

but seeing as we don't (yet) have a decent wonderswan emulator, why not port the wonderswan versions? there's bound to be rom rippers available for wonderswan roms (after all, they did the translation on it). And it is really the same game as the playstation version (missing cut scene's... which would make it completely like the wonderswan version)!!

Just think it might be a bit easier for you... and I'm sure the scene would appreciate them!