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Feb 11, 2011
Hi guys,

Thanking you all in adavnce for prompt responses to all support questions; it's greatly appreciated and helps me set up my beloved Pandora!

I've got a few questions about PicoDrive. :unsure:

I'm unsure the folders I need to create on my SD card and where to put the ROMS for the different SEGA console games.

So far I've created the following folders on my SD card:

"pandora" - within pandora file 2 files: "desktop" and "menu".

Within desktop file I've created "Pico Drive" - within Pico Drive file I added the .pnd of the Pico Drive emulator.

Where do I put the ROMS? Do I need to create file names for the different SEGA consoles? :)

...any help about what I need to do next would be great!!! thanks again, cheers Space Harrier!! :D

The answer is located here:
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Hi Marco, your going about it slightly wrong here. (Although it wont affect anything on second thoughts, however.)

You've made Pandora/desktop and menu which is fine but you dont put any more folders inside desktop, such as Pandora/desktop/Picodrive as that simply wont be recognised and will not show up as a folder on your actual desktop either. Its fine to put further folders inside menu, to sort PND files further such as apps, games, emulators, art, media etc. But the only files you place in either desktop or menu is PND files.

You need to make an pandora/appdata folder (although that would otherwise get auto created) and inside that, each application that you launch from PND's stored in either menu or desktop will create their own entry in the appdata folder (unless you've pre-made it). In there is where you place game files/roms etc if a game requires it. In the case of ROMS you are free to put them anywhere on your card for most emulators, as they can be pointed to your collection and will remember them the next time you run the emulator. So you could have root of SD/ROMS/Sega/megadrive for example but thats your choice.

In the case of Picodrive it creates a folder called 'picodrive' (small p) inside which are a config file and some folders for game saves as they are created. Mine has a few loose files bios files for 32X and EU, JP, US bios files zips for the SegaCD system. Thats it. All ROMS are stored elsewhere and when you run Picodrive it says 'load new rom/iso' and then you can browse to your folder of sega ROMS choose the first in the list and launch it, then quit, picodrive should remember. Or you may have to 'change options'>'save global config' and then it will.
Just put the roms where you like you can browse to them

(search for /media/<your sd card name>/ )

The emulator detects for what system the games are and you can just leave them in .zip format
Sorry for the rambling Marco I'm having a blonde moment. Feel free to make folders inside menu to categorise PND files, to make that folder more manageable, as the desktop is limited in the number of applications (PND's) that can be placed there by the icon size that you choose for the desktop in settings>desktop>icon tab >icon size , which means that folder can never really hold enough PND's to get messy, as there simply isn't the desktop real estate to display anymore.

You can of course put each PND in its own folder in the desktop folder if you want, as the PND system will search any folders inside 'menu or desktop or mmenu' and display them in the right place. Its simply not necessary with the desktop folder ,given that limitation though.

Forgot to say Welcome again btw, so.... Welcome :)
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Thanks guys for your support; worked it out from a previous post
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