Pi-Top (v1, v2 / [3], CEED, [4], DIY edition, PolarisOS, SoriusOS, WD PiDrive etc. ...)


Jul 25, 2019
Disclaimer: Not a console per se but there are threads in this section about games for PCs and there are quite a few emulators available for Raspberry Pi now. There are some pretty neat DIY UMPCs being made with RPis as well so the concept would seem to fit fairly well with this community.

Basically, thought I’d start this thread as I wondered whether anyone else here has any Pi-Top hardware for their RPis. The thread could be a supplement to the Pi-Top and RPi fora, for like-minded Pandora/Pyra users to help each other in their Pi-Top projects.

Hope this is ok/appropriate and hope to see your Pi-Top projects!

Hi there
I bought a DiskioPi but I have not mounted it yet. I plan to use it ad a semi portable multiplayer videogaming station, a spare computer for internet navigation and possibly as a midi synthetiser if/when I get my midi instrument.
I choose which distro to boot at startup depending on what I want to do. Well, I tried that but as the thing is still to be mounted I don't actually do this huh... ^^
I rememer the announcement of HATs but I don't recall hearing much about them other than the PoE ethernet hat troubles and Wifi-sheep using a HAT for his Pi Zero, but other than that nothing's really entered my purview. What have I missed?

Re: forum choice, I think this is probably the best option, no question about it.