raspberry pi

  1. bugmenot

    Has anyone tried installing TwisterOS yet?

    https://twisteros.com/ It's basically one of the best RPi Operating Systems/Distros for a while now. I'm willing to bet that it can work on both the Pandora, and the Pyra... Has anyone tried installing the 32-bit, or the Armbian, version yet?
  2. FBnil

    CosmicPI: Detecting Cosmic Rays with a Raspberry Pi

    1616266021 And another rPI project, a casette tape with ZX-Spectrum:
  3. Phlyra

    Pi-Top (v1, v2 / [3], CEED, [4], DIY edition, PolarisOS, SoriusOS, WD PiDrive etc. ...)

    Disclaimer: Not a console per se but there are threads in this section about games for PCs and there are quite a few emulators available for Raspberry Pi now. There are some pretty neat DIY UMPCs being made with RPis as well so the concept would seem to fit fairly well with this community...
  4. K

    I'm Squeezing a Raspberry pi3 into a Neogeo Pocket

    So, I'm trying to squeeze a Raspberry pi 3 into a Neogeo Pocket. I know it wont be easy but I'm giving it a try. You can follow my progress or (preferably) collaborate on my Hackaday Page and contribute on my Patreon page as well https://hackaday.io/project/12751-neogeo-pi3 This one may sound...