Dingoo Personal Organizer



I'd like a very simple program, maybe as an .app file, for the native dingoo OS, for a simple PDA.

Because the Dingoo does not have any internal timer, ideally, it would save whatever date you last inputted, so that when you turned it back on, it would be that same date, and it would give you an option to enter in the new date.

Time is unnecessary, as there's no actual clock - once you turn off Dingoo, it's not keeping time anymore.

Basically, what I'd like to see is the following, very simple PDA-type application, no bells and whistles.

1. Ability to schedule appointments days, weeks, even months ahead, and have those save to a save file, so that they'd be there next time you turn on Dingoo...with the ability to recall/edit/delete entries as needed. AKA a simple appointment book, or, if you prefer, daily planner.

2. Place for addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. AKA a black book.

3. Basic Calendar.

4. Calculator

5. Notepad with virtual keyboard (note the appointment/daily planner should also have a virtual keyboard - as should the black book, of course.)

In essence then, the basic functions should be

1. a daily planner
2. a black book
3. Calendar
4. Calculator
5. Notepad

nothing else.

The only thing is you'd need, as I mentioned, to have the ability, at any time, to update the date, because the Dingoo will not keep up with that..it should save and revert to whatever you last entered, as the current date, when you turn on, and give you the option to update it.

Obviously, it should save all the data into save files as needed.

Is there any interest at all in this? Could someone whomp something up? Or could someone like, totally hold my hand and guide me while I try and do something like this...understanding, of course, that the only programming I know is PhP? (as I understand it PhP is not dissimilar to C++)

At any rate, was wondering if there was any help for this out there, that someone could do it...or help me to try to do it? Understanding, of course, that I know very little about programming anything, and that I probably can't even program my way out of a paper bag without serious help...