Pandora Standard File Format?

I think that Pandora should have a file extension for executables, regardless if Linux can tell otherwise or not. Simply because if any random person is going to be using it, then they will expect the executable to have a file type. As for what the extension itself is, could be .qzx for all I care I just think that if a user sees a file with no extension they will think that something has gone wrong.
How about .px?
Or just .x? (one letter extensions save memory !!!, 100% of experts agree*)

*definition of expert is someone who realizes that one letter extensions save at least a few nibbles :)
King_Qonmp said:
How about .px?
Or just .x? (one letter extensions save memory !!!, 100% of experts agree*)

*definition of expert is someone who realizes that one letter extensions save at least a few nibbles :)

.x is the DirectX model format, so that won't work
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actually, i kinda like *.box for compressed executables or something.

.PRS and PXEs are used in PSP stuff, (1.5 and 2.x respectively)

self contained read only executables that contain everything including a default config (where it'd be read from the ./ first, then copied)

loading time would be increased just a tad. but thats pretty much how apple's .DMG format works. and everyone knows apple is the greatest in the whole world </sarcasm>* however apple pre OSX didn't have extensions at all either. it was a real pain in the ass.

to be honest, so long as we don't have that retarded "gpu is for utilities and it uses less cpu power than gpe, but otherwise, no difference" system. man that was dumb. there really weren't any important utilities that i can think of offhand, aside from the cpu daemon.

*all hardware sucks, all software sucks.
bufalo_1973 said:
There's a solution (well, many):

Ext2 Installable File System For Windows

As you can see, it's not a problem reading ext2 FS on Windows. And with the last link, ext3, ReiserFS and XFS too.

That covers windows, but what about other devices - cameras, PDAs, PMPs, etc?

I'm not saying that a significantly superior FS wouldn't make it worthwhile to drop the universal compatability that comes with FAT32, I'm just saying you need to take all that into consideration. FAT32 just plain works out of the box with any device that uses SD cards. What is so great about these alternative file systems that make it worth the difficulty (impossibility for some devices) of changing?

Back on the original topic: Why on earth would anybody want to eliminate file extensions? Do the extra three characters really bother people? Are you suggesting that we eliminate all extensions (like dummy mode in windows), or just for executables? Either way you would really be crippling your ability to determine what the contents of a given directory actually are.
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How about software for MacOS, BeOS, etc ?

Its also additional software that some people might not want to install/don't have the ability to install. Some people can't even open zip files without help. Yes, the later kind of people are going to be limiting what they can do with the Pandora anyway, but thats no reason to throw them to the sharks.

FAT32 just plain works, regardless of Platform.
extension is better than no extension.
i agree that .PWN is funny, but not serious.
.PEX sounds cool.
And I suggest .PAX as package/installer/etc if we need one.