Gp2x File Systems And File Format


Oct 18, 2005
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It seems the menu of GP2X is just the collection of the filters - more specifically, the list of 'ls' commands of Linux like:

ls *.avi for Movie
ls *.gpe for Game

So if you change the file extention name, it might be show on that menu.

And though one of the GP2X excutable, the .gpe file is the elf format binary,
the other one, the .gpu file is simple text shell script.

Here are two .gpu file already post on Korean webpage.

1. Change background & icon image of GP2x - imgall.gpu (

cp -f ./imgbattery/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgbattery/
cp -f ./imgcommon/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgcommon/
cp -f ./imgebook/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgebook/
cp -f ./imgexplorer/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgexplorer/
cp -f ./imggame/*.* /usr/gp2x/imggame/
cp -f ./imgimage/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgimage/
cp -f ./imgmain/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgmain/
cp -f ./imgmovie/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgmovie/
cp -f ./imgmusic/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgmusic/
cp -f ./imgsetting/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgsetting/
cp -f ./imgtestmode/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgtestmode/
cp -f ./imgutil/*.* /usr/gp2x/imgutil/
cd /usr/gp2x

2. Sync program before shutdown your GP2X after receiving files via USB - sync.gpu by gp2xCool (



cd /usr/gp2x

It means, you can download all GP2X file system as a tar ball with shell script :) (maybe somewhat meaningless, though)
.gpu is Utilities
.gpe is Games

Files themselves are simple Linux executables, meaning that either can be an ELF binary, Perl script, Bash shell script, etc...
So, gp2x have a Perl interpretor inside? i read about python but also PERL? !!!! GREAT.

Java? :D :D
Hey, I only said it's possible to load a perl module, I didn't say it could actually run it :)

(Although if someone ported perl, then it's entirely possible)
Well, I don't know shit about PERL... but just command scripts alone (like the ones in the given examples) could be very useful... I'm sure I'll think of something when I get more of a feel for linux and its command line. And I'm sure there are many here who can already come up with some neat ones :)
I've got a working python port (tested on dev hardware). I'll be looking into pygame hopefully it will be fast enough for some simple games. I'll post some progress when I actually get my gp2x.