Pandora Rebirth + OP Carry Case - Australia

Not as pricey as you may think mate. It only cost me 19AUD to post my spare Pandy to the US.
I'd buy it if I didn't already have two ... (and one more ordered!). Anyhow, I'm tempted... ;)
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Found another part. I also have a full black shell you can have with this.
Just top, bottom, keyboard and gear.
You mean a spare black case?  Why do you have a spare case?
If nobody wants it from Australia, I would try to take it. How much would be the shipping costs to Germany?
Can you send your address (not complete), just suburb, country, postcode etc so I can try find a cost.

I have only shipped domestic. 
Seems like cost for registered to GER will be $44+

So seems like total cost for you will be $350. Let me know.
So seems like total cost for you will be $350. Let me know.
Wait 350$ total costs including shipping? Or without it? Anyway the Euro is strong and the dollar is weak. Seems like the perfect time for buying a Pandora :) .
Sorry. I don't play on phone/computer a great deal on the weekends.

$350 AUD total.